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Intro to Real Lifeย 

English version.

Featuring "Rain" by The Katinas

Released March 2017

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Good News Yard Signs are now available!

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"You're My God"

by Herto Bastian Abul

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Share the Good News! Clearly and Biblically.ย 

Here's a useful, tried and true method to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with anyone, based on the "Plan, Problem, Remedy, Response" approach from BGEA as adapted by Pastor Karl Payne. In just a few minutes, a person can learn the steps to salvation, to know that man must respond to God's remedy to overcome man's problem to experience God's plan!ย 

Music - "Where You Belong / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" by the Newsboys. From their "Not Ashamed" album.ย 

See what the Bible says about Idols.ย 

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Japanese eBook!

If we don't share the gospel, people will never know Jesus Christ. But if people don't understand what we share, they are still less likely to believe in Jesus. How can we share the gospel in a way people understand? This is how a Japanese pastor shares the gospel to Japanese people who have little or no knowledge about Christianity.

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If you're anywhere near the Puget Sound region, you're welcome to come visit Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland!

For more information, please visit - abchurch.orgย 

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If you are a Japanese or English speaker in the Puget Sound region, check out Lynnwood Japanese Family Church in Edmonds!

For more information, please visit - http://www.ljfamily.org orย  http://www.en.ljfamily.orgย 

World-class University in Indonesia.ย 

Universitas Kristen Indonesia, in Jakarta. - www.uki.ac.id

UKI Hebat!

If you're on Kyushu, be sure to visit MBCC!

็ฆๅฒก็œŒ ๅฎ—ๅƒๅธ‚ ้ ˆๆต 2-26-24

2-26-24 Sue Munakata City Fukuoka Prefecture

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